Orange County Condos for Sale

Looking for a condo for sale in Orange County?  Condos are very popular among many Orange County residents because they can frequently be acquired for a lesser price than single family residential homes. However, depending on the area and the specific square footage, and style of the condo, this may not always be the case. This is just one of the reasons why it makes sense to hire a real estate agent or realtor to purchase that perfect condo in Orange County, CA.  Real estate agents and realtors in our team have familiarity with the various neighborhoods and offerings and can help you find a condo within your budget and meet your other preferences. 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom condos are the most popular condors right now. If you are looking for a condo for sale in Orange County area, feel free to contact one of our friendly buyer’s agents to get more information about available condos and local inventory in  the city that you are interested in. We can also help you list your condo for sale if you would like to sell your property and move to a different location. Our listing agents will always go that extra mile to advertising and market your new listing and sell your condo in a very short priod.

Depending on the location and condominium complex and what it has to offer, prices can actually exceed those of ordinary homes, so it may be to your benefit to look for both single family homes as well as condos. There are certain kinds of buyers who are attracted to condos, however, because the only housing permitted to build in certain areas are condo locations. The most popular condos in Orange County are those that have one, two and three bedrooms. While there is additional square footage and 4th and 5th bedrooms available, these are rare or one of a kind units and should be considered exceptional. You may be better off seeking a single family home if you are interested in finding a 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom condo.

Condos For Sale Orange County, CA

Condos For Sale Orange County, CA

What Condo Buyers Are Looking For?

Condo buyers consider a few distinguished elements, which may not be commonly found in single family residences. These include:

  • Partially paid for interior or exterior unit coverage
  • Community sharing of maintenance expenses
  • Community event offerings
  • Community amenities
  • Better security

However, owning a condo is different than owning other kinds of dwelling. Many buyers are aware of the high cost of ownership or homeowners association fees typically connected to condos and are willing to pay a higher premium for better coverage and more offerings. Primarily these high cost condo units in Orange County are senior citizen condo complexes or penthouses.


How Can a Buyer’s Agent Help Me with a Condo Purchase in OC?

Buyer agents are able to discover many details about each unit which may not be immediately apparent to a buyer or disclosed in MLS. In many cases Orange County condo agents do in depth search and discovery to identify condo complexes that may be a perfect fit for their clients. Buyer agents have other benefits to offer those who are interested in purchasing condos in Orange County. For example, buyer agents have access to a variety of different databases that help them to provide useful information so that a buyer can make a more informed decision when considering all of the figures and facts. Condo buyers are frequently looking for agents and brokers in Orange County who have a reputation of working on condo transactions. These real estate professionals are known as condominium specialists. When it comes to listing a condo, the listing broker and its agent’s first line of responsibilities are to advertise and market the unit in such a way that attracts the appropriate buyers in a short amount of time and collecting multiple offers. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with a listing agent who also has specific experience in the condo market.

Buyers are usually very attracted to a unit that is most upgraded, newly renovated, has a better view, less street noise, a better location and better accessibility. This means that you should sit down first with your Orange County listing real estate agent to assess the unit and the current real estate market to make sure that your listing will include all of the proper criteria so as to match to the buyer search. It is very important for the listing agents to be able to assess the unit prior to putting it on the market to increase your chances of selling your condo and receiving the highest dollar amount in the shortest period of time.


In California typical commission for selling any dwellings and structures, lands, commercial buildings are paid by sellers and rates are negotiable. The commission rate is not a set number, but is typically around 3% – 6% and can be higher or lower based on conversations and agreements between the seller and broker agent. Buyers do not pay for the commission unless there is a specific agreement between the seller, buyers or any brokerage office and their associated agents. It is very important in today’s market to work directly with an informative and experienced broker or agent to increase your chances of finding your dream condo in what can be a challenging market. Both buyers’ and sellers’ agents have an important role to follow the specific requests of their clients and to uniquely tailor and fit a plan that suits the client’s needs in the best possible way.


How Can a Listing Agent Help Me List My Condo for Sale in OC?

A listing agent will usually list your condo in MLS but prior to this they will make recommendations to you to assist with things like staging and photography. They will also clarify whether there are any HOA restrictions regarding buying, selling or renting the condo.


How Can a Buyer’s Agent Help Me Find a Condo For Sale in OC?

A buyer’s agent will search through MLS listings, which is their database of sellers or investors and then contact condo owners to help you to find a condo with your specifications and within your price range. Our buyer’s agents will always take your time and fully understand where you are coming from and what are your short-term and long-term goals are before they start matching you that perfect condo in Orange County, CA. We still believe that our clients are always right and as a real estate group we do everything in our power to keep all of our clients totally happy and satisfied with their purchase.


How Can a Listing Agent Help Me to Search for a Condo for Sale in OC?

The best condo for you is the one that you truly love and fits your budget. By talking to you in advance and understanding your goals for a condo, one of our listing real estate agents can search the best possible condo for you. Let one of our experienced listing agents do the hard work for you since searching and finding that perfect condo in the heart of Orange County can be a very time consuming process.


1 Bedroom Condos for Sale in Orange County

Looking for a small condo in OC? One bedroom condos are very popular around university locations and are a good start for first time buyers. There are always a decent number of one bedroom condos available for sale in Orange County and in many cases they’re in desirable gated communities. Need more info about selling or buying a 1 bedroom condo in one of the cities in Orange County? We are just one phone call away! Give a call and schedule a free consultation with one of our friendly real estate agents today!


2 Bedroom Condos for Sale in Orange County

Two bedroom condos are the most popular condos and are a good start for first time buyers. There are always many two bedroom condos available for sale in Orange County. Two bedroom condos are good for investors and are in the real estate profile for many investors in the area. One of our listing agents or buyer’s agents can always assist you with buying or selling a 2 bedroom condo in Orange County, CA.


3 Bedroom Condos for Sale in Orange County

There are many different three bedroom condos available for sale in Orange County and these are typically located in gated communities. Three bedroom condos are best for families of two to four people. If you are looking for a 3 bedroom condo for sale contact one of our buying agents for more information. Our listing agents can also help you list your 3 bedroom condo for sale if you are trying to sell and relocate to a single family home in Orange County, CA.


4 Bedroom Condos for Sale in Orange County

Four bedroom condos can be found in different parts of Orange County, but the numbers are not as high as two or three bedroom condos for sale in OC. 4 bedroom condos in Orange County are typically in gated communities and are good for families who have between two and five people or have need of an extra room such as a location for a home office or a parent in law. Contact our office and schedule a free consultation with one of our professional real estate agents and brokers about selling and buying a 4 bedroom condo in Orange County.


5 Bedroom Condos for Sale in Orange County

Five bedroom condos are much less popular than one two or three bedroom condos, but do come on the OC market from time to time. The numbers for sale are not that high and 5 bedroom condos normally are appropriate for families who take care of parents, have large families or have a need for multiple extra rooms such as an office or a playroom. Typically, five bedroom condos are located in a gated community. Get in touch with one our listing or buyer’s agents to discuss selling and buying opportunities in greater Orange County area.


What to Look for in a Condo for Sale in Orange County

When you are attempting to buy or sale a condo in Orange County, California, it can initially seem overwhelming to deal with all of these different issues and to make sure that you stay on track with your goal for purchasing. Finding the right real estate agent or realtor who can assist you with this process and make things much more streamlined and easier for you. You need to know what you are looking for to buy when you enter this process and finding the right real estate agent, broker or realtor to help you with this process can greatly increase your chances of success. Condos are becoming an increasingly popular option not just in Orange County but around state of California. This is especially true for retirees who are looking to downsize, and younger generations. There are many different benefits of living in a condo, including wonderful amenities, possible underground parking, living in the city, and maintenance being taken care of. This gives you quick access to all of the things that you want to have access to without sacrificing a lot. When you are looking for a condo for sale in Orange County, there are many different things to keep in mind and finding the right realtor to help you with this process will make it that much easier to narrow down your list so that you are only looking at properties that fit your requirements.


Understanding Different Types of Condos in Orange County

There are a few different types of condos on the market that you can purchase, including renovation condos, new construction condos, resale condos. Condos can also differ with regard to their price, location and size in Orange County, CA. Central locations are always very popular with younger generations, but rural and suburban condos are also becoming more popular. In general people are willing to pay more for a condo that is in a central location because it is close to attractions and amenities. New condos are brand new buildings that have been developed specifically to house people in many part of OC. Renovation condos involve developer splitting up retail and industrial buildings in order to renovate these and transform them into condos for sale.

Condo ownership differs from a conventional real estate purchase in Orange County. This is because a condo is considered a hybrid type of ownership with many different technical and legal characteristics that must be defined in order to determine ownership. There is a key difference between an individually owned unit and common areas of the building. An individual unit means that you own the apartment individually, including interior walls, balconies, internal rooms, storage areas and patios. All condo ownership agreements are defined by interior rooms and the divisions that exist between your exterior and interior spaces. Common areas, however, are what make a condo purchase different from conventional real estate purchases. All other areas of the property are considered common areas or elements outside of the individual unit itself. This can include exterior walls, roof, ceilings, lobbies, foundations, basements and more.


Fees for Condos in Orange County

Every individual condo in Orange County is individually taxed and assessed, including its share of common elements. It is very important to recognize that your monthly condo fees will not cover property taxes. The existence of common property in addition to the private property that defines your condominium means that you will need to pay monthly fees to maintain this common property. For more information about this process contact one of our professional real estate agents and schedule a free consultation. During your consultation you can ask all of your questions about all the fees involved in buying or selling a condo in Orange County.

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